NEW FEATURE: Sticky Add To Cart bar

I’m happy to announce that as per your request we have released the all-new sticky add to cart bar :tada:.
This will improve user experience and increase the checkout rate by showing always visible checkout button to your customers on every product page!


:star2:Sticky Add To Cart bar - A floating bar that becomes visible either when customers start to scroll/swipe down. The bar contains the Buy button so your customers can quickly check out by skipping the add to cart step. This increases the number of clicks required for a visitor to buy and item. (Instead of quick checkout an option add to cart feature is something coming soon. so stay tuned for that).

This sticky cart will automatically inherit the style of your corner widget (and for that same reason you have to activate the corner widget to activate the sticky cart feature for now. A separate toggle for the sticky cart is also in the pipeline)

Upcoming features for this sticky cart

  1. A separate toggle for turning off and on for sticky cart (priority: 4/5)
  2. option to switch to add to cart instead of quick checkout (priority: 2/5)

Something’s missing? Let us know in the comments below

Thank you